can crash/restart/update without notices. Its not for prolonged gameplay.

May 18: bug fixes

  • disabled pandemic mode
  • testing ghost glitch fixes and other minor bug fixes on beta

April 1: bug fixes

  • new: coin earning per cure reduced to 25 for non-spread recoveries (with 10% incremental bonus on multiple cures, still have to recover from 70% infection)
  • new: 10 coins per cure if spread the infection (still have to recover from 70% infection)
  • new: interface shows how many coins could be earned if not logged in (or adblocker on)
  • buff: speed of cure remain same no matter how many times infected
  • buff: 10s sanitizing effece upon recovering

April 1: Bug fixes

  • buff: Coin earning upon recovery from 70% infection increased to 10% on each recovery. eg if player recoveries 3 times (without infecting others) will get 140-170 coins from all recoveries
  • fixed: Pterodactyl invinciblity glitch
  • fixed: Giantspider web become obstacle in 1v1 arena
  • fixed: Aloevera effect still active in 1v1 arena
  • fixed: Players can invite/accept 1v1 if infected
  • nerf: Getting infected too many times being same animal, increases on-infection 1st damage to 0.5hp each time, upon 50% infection, damage interval reduces from 5.5s to 0.5s (based on number of infections) and wont reduce even in hiding hole. (Tip: avoid multiple infections)
  • fixed: Eating aloe gives 2 effects now. Healing from damage as well as sanitizing
  • new: Eating aloe leaf gives 10s healing and sanitizing
  • new: Eating aloe plant gives 30s healing and 45s sanitizing
  • new: Sanitizing has new 'white' glow around animal

March 30: Viral Pandemic Mode

  • -new Viral Pandemic game mode, where virus spawn randomly and infect players. Player must have to save themselves from getting infected. Infected players do not earn coins during the infected period. However if they are reach 100% infection and recover from it they get 50 coins bonus
  • -new immunity bar indicating immunity level
  • -new immunity boosting foods (pea, papaya, dragonfruit, onion, cabbage, peach)
  • -new food gives 10% immunity a piece, if infected reduces 3% of infection
  • -new viruses spread across map causing infection to all animals
  • -eating viruses takes 10% immunity, and causes progressive immunity loss for 10s
  • -upon 0 immunity, player gets infected and infection rises unless hide in hole
  • -when infected, infection bar appears in red in place of immunity, showing infection amount
  • -eating immunity boosting food reduces infection but wont slow the progression
  • -when infection goes 10% viruses start spawning on body, stick for a few seconds and then fly away
  • -after 30% infection, animals start sneezing after 30s resulting in virus spread via sneeze
  • -sneezing interval reduces upto 10s when infection reaches 100%
  • -when infected, players start getting 0.2hp damage every 10s, upon 100% infection damage doubles and interval reduces to 1s
  • -when quarantining (hiding in holes), damage reduces to half, also infection reduces and eventually immunity rises to 10% when fully recovered
  • -eating aloe leaf gives 10s and plant 45s santizing effect against viruses
  • -eating big mushroom bush gives a mask for 90s, that also protects from viruses

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