Oct 8: Optimization update

  • -code optimization
  • -fixed rare crash

Oct 4: Fixes

  • -fix: King Dragon skins not showing in upgrade menu

Oct 3: Fixes

  • -buff: Kakapo hop speed increased (bite ability will be added soon)
  • -buff: Raven flight speed increased, Caw radius increased 10% and it lasts for 4s
  • -nerf: Ostrich baby when touching healing stones wont give water to Mommy Ostrich (fixing the unlimited water glitch)
  • -fix: Macaw disguised skins not showing
  • -fix: Octopus disguised not showing
  • -fix: Scorpoing when using ability glitching screen for everyone in the view
  • -fix: Raven not landing on Trees when flight ends
  • -fix: Kakapo not going on hills after first ability use
  • -fix: Kakapo 1s ability cooldown
  • -fix: Pumpkin hitting flying/arena animals
  • -fix: Apex skills interface not showing for Black Dragon
  • -fix: Spelling mistake in Raven upgrade text

Oct 2: Timberland Update #1

    New Forest Animals:

  • New Animal: Raven
    Tier 6 bird, can fly through hills. On land, holding ability produces Caws and stun prey for 4s with 0.9hp damage stun-push predator for 2s
  • New Animal: Kakapo
    A flightless tier 4 bird, hops through land (while holding ability). Can climb hills/trees.

Oct 2: Disconnection & Lag fix

  • -We optimized our game-server code, that should reduce server lag significantly!
  • We have implemented "Disconnection Fix". Please feel free to play as normal nothing changes.
  • -If you get disconnected for any reason, Game will reconnect you to the same session if you stay on the same server (After disconnection do not switch server immediately).
  • -When you disconnect your animal stays in the game, on reconnect you will get the control of it.
  • -Even rage-quit won't kill animal immediately. Animal stay, and will die either due to AFK or game damage.
  • -If you get disconnected inside 1v1 arena, you still get back to the same arena within few seconds and continue your fight!
  • -All game dependency for that player preserve, xp, coins, health, water and so on!
  • Please provide your feedback if you still face some issues. We will improve the user expereince over time. Thanks.
  • -nerf: Pumpkin coin farming nerfed
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