Nov 26: Thanksgiving update

  • -new: Turkey, White Giraffe animals and Thanksgiving food
  • -new: new White Giraffe Family
  • -new: Ocean Islands filled with Trees & Food
  • -new: New Arena options:
  • -more: For balancing scroll all the way down
  • -note: Another partial fix to lag/freezing implemented, please provide your feedback

  • Rare White Giraffe & Family:

  • -White Giraffe: 40/600 chance, angry White Giraffe at tier 13, inflicts 15% more damage
  • -Female Giraffe: Momaffie spawns at tier 8, comes with 50/500 chances, has same ability as normal Giraffe (but 50% fast) and +1 hp
  • -Baby Giraffe: Girabie spawns at tier 8, comes with 10/500 chances, has same ability as normal Giraffe (but 40% fast cooldown) and -1 hp, also deals minor damage and minor stun
  • -Giraffe Family: 10/600 chances to spawn as White Giraffe Family at tier 13, with a Momaffie and Girabie as bots
  • -new: Momaffie follows White Giraffe and Girabie follows Momaffie
  • -new: when White Giraffe uses its ability, the bots come to the place and use the stomp ability
  • -new: when any of her family member die, White Giraffe's cool down reduces to 10% and inflicts 10% more damage to prey/predators
  • -new: when both family members die, White Giraffe stops healing over time. However can only heal from touching healing stones
  • -new: Momaffie with Giraby bot also come with 25/500 chances, where Giraby follows mommy

  • King Crab buffs:

  • -buff: one arm-smash gives 25% more damage
  • -buff: double arm-smash gives 50% more damage
  • -buff: dive time is increased to 90s
  • -buff: walks 10% faster on land and ocean

  • Arena features:

  • -new: New Max Bites Wins, player can set arena result based on who takes maximum bites first wins the fight
  • -new: When you set Max Bites as climax option, arena sets to infinite water, infinite health and no wall damage
  • -new: Max bite arena come with fixed timer, arena wont shrink but fight is decided either on max bites or who ever has more bites
  • -new: Upon timer ending, if players have equal bites, they both die
  • -new: Upon timer ending, who ever has more bites wins the fight
  • -new: 10 bites comes with 2 min timer, 15 comes with 3.5 mins and 20 bites comes with 5 minutes
  • -new: Wallhugging pushes animal in
  • -new: New wall damage setup options
  • Balancing and Fixes:

  • -fix: Big Goat not showing in upgrade choice
  • -fix: When player dies after upgrade menu shown, upon running out upgrade time, player respawns as the default animal of the biome
  • -fix: Ads blocking for everyone
  • -fix: When BD vs BD, winning first round causes screen glitch for outside players
  • -buff: Arena wall damage reduced 33% and interval increased by 50%
  • -buff: 2019 Arena size is back
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