Jan 2: new servers

  • -new: testing two new High Performance game servers NFX and FFX if they can live up to Mope's standards! lol.

Jan 2: bug fixes

  • -buff: Snowgirl can statue upto monsters for 1.5s and below apex upto 2.5s. Predators get 0.2hp damage and preys gets 0.7hp damage on statue impact. Predator can move if statued, prey becomes standstill
  • buff: Golden Shahbaz can pick all animals in game (including KD), flies for 20s, ability cooldown half of normal Eagle
  • buff: Shahbaz can pick all animals in game (not KD), flies for 15s, ability cooldown 25% faster than normal eagle
  • buff: Both Shahbaz are Paki animals, Shahbaz gives 400 and Golden Shahbaz gives 500 mopecoins on spawn/kill
  • -fixed: caves not replenishing the air
  • -fixed: on exiting igloo/cave players can't boost
  • -fixed: lag caused by caves
  • -fixed: animals not losing water when inside caves/igloos
  • -nerf: xmas food xp nerfed by 40% for 11+ tier and also reduced the concentration by 30%
  • -fixed: snowgirl head not showing when using ability
  • -fixed: AI entering in caves
  • -fixed: sidebar ad placeholder showing after arena ends for the winner
  • -misc: Paid animals have 500 mopecoins kill-bounty :) kill them! (remember the bigfoot/snowman/snowgirl by luck wont give bounty)
  • -misc: added snowfall on/off option in settings on main menu

Dec 31: Happy New Year! & mini winter update

    Performane fixes:

  • -improved server-side and client-side performance
  • -applied extra security on account and in-game player session, more strict protection and security features coming in 2021
  • -fixed subsequent disconnect-reconnect freeze (please provide feedback if you are still facing issues, a video evidence will be great help)
  • -fixed various rare-crash that occured over past 5 weeks
  • -fixed still loading data when you have already logged on and trying to spawn in game

  • Winter Mini-Update:

  • -apologizes for delayed update, a lot of time was spent on optimizing game mechanics, we hope there will be some improvements, this is a mini update, we initially planned a mega update but we decided to optimize the game before adding any new content

  • New Land/Ocean Caves :

    New Igloos in arctic:

  • -Igloos spawn in arctic, have one entry/exit point
  • -Igloos has a 3d view, the higher you climb the more zoom you get. Only flying animals can land on igloos
  • -When players inside igloos they lose water extremely slow
  • -Inside igloo/caves, players can see each other, do not harm but push
  • -caves spawn on land, desert and in oceans each have one entry/exit point
  • -when player inside, caves show an air circular-bar around the edges of cave, the more player enter the faster they consume air
  • -if in cave air goes below 20% players inside take suffocation damage, watch out for the air

  • New Shahbaz:

  • -Shahbaz; an species of Eagle, can pick up Black Dragons and have a speed boost, just like in the old days.
  • -Golden Shahbaz; more powerful than Shahbaz, can pick even KDs and flies faster, longer
  • -both birds come with 1/5000 rarity

  • New Snowgirl:

  • -a female version of Snowman, worth 20k mopecoins. This cute pinky can make preys ice-statue but for 1.5s and inflicts a little damage

  • Christmas Trees/Foods:

  • -We know it's Christmas time, though we are late but still just for fun we added a bunch of Christmas themed xp-rich foods edible for all tiers
  • -new: Christmas Trees having some lights and ornaments, for a holiday feel!
  • -new: Snowfall effect, you will see snow falling across the map (just client side)

  • Misc:

  • -change: shop animals and skins display in separate tabs
  • -removed: removed bouncy walls in arena
  • -nerf: arena wall fire/tail damage nerfed by 50%
  • -removed: Halloween skins stayed for too long. However you can still buy the skins come in two separate bundles (check deals tab in shop)
  • -removed: Thanksgiving food
  • -removed: Sale has ended on all shop skins (they will soon be replaced with new shop items)
  • -new: all aniamls bought from Mope Shop now come with 1/10 rarity instead of guaranteed. This will hopefully reduce the amount of wild monkeys running around.
  • -fixed: arena dead animal not removing glitch
  • -tons of bug fixes, improvements and changes over past few weeks
  • any bugs/glitches, feel free to your feedback on our reddit/discord and youtube community channel
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