#BringGameModesBack Milestones:

Milestone 1: 5720 votes needed to bring old game modes (achieved)

Milestone 2: 20% of total player base needed (inprogress)

Oct 12:

  • We need to see 20% of total player base playing these game modes in order to keep them. Once Milestone 2 is reached, we will integrate them in Modern Mope. Otherwise Modes will die forever! So go and play now!
  • Milestone #2 deadline is Oct 18, 2019 11:59p Pacific Time
  • Team Mode and Wild Mope added.

Oct 11:

  • Voting extended for another 12 hours!

Oct 9:

  • I believe in Mopeio Community, and I know you guys can pull it. We are part of one of the best communities gaming world! We have most active loyal fans who not only love gaming but the legacy of Mope.io. No other game has such beautiful combination. No matter if we are small in size, but what we are doing its a lot better than many!
  • We are less than 1500 votes behind. Voting ends on Oct 10, 2019 at 11:59p (PT -8)

Oct 8:

  • I am glad to see the progress, poll stands at 3.6k we still need 2.1k to reach the first milestone. Good Job! You need to bring back sub users and lobby more on Youtube to come and vote Yes!

Oct 7:

  • We are living in Democracy age, making alts for voting is not good. When you want to have something good you must come up in truthful manner. So "honest" voting is best way to make everyone agree to something good for all of us!

Oct 7:

  • I am watching Subreddit there are 25+ post about voting. Keep lobbying on on Subreddit and on Mopeio Official channle, go on every video and reply the commentors there so they come back and Vote!

Oct 6:

  • I really want to bring the game modes back, I am highly motivated and excited as well. Creation of Game Modes was my own idea last year and I created them first and later shown the team. So don't take me wrong, I stand with our Community!

Oct 6:

  • I had a team discussion with Stan and we are looking for the final result for the poll. We have 15.5k on subreddit, 57k on YT, we should be able to cross the Yes votes mark sooner if we get 1k votes every day.

Oct 6:

  • Note: developers have rights to reject this poll.