Apr 18: Cactus Update

  • New: Cactus is too heavy to move and now hurts all tiers (0.75 dmage). Stuns animals for 1s with 1/3 chance
  • New: Cactus absorbs water. Shooting alot of water makes it grow in size and shoot a mini Cactus. Mini Cactus is shot from exactly opposite side, of water shots, with some velocity. If hits any animal then it gets 2x damage + always stuns for 2s. Stationary mini Cactus hurt 0.5 and 1/3 chance of stun for 0.5s. Mini cactus dies after 20-30s random

Apr 18: Bug fixes

    More Desert Foods:
  • Fixed: Cactus hurting animals that use abiltiy on it
  • Fixed: Water drain glitch in 1v1 arena

Apr 18: Balancing & Bug fixes

    More Desert Foods:

  • Melon: Grows in Quicksand, gives Watermelon equivalent XP, rich in water, edible from Camel+
  • Cactus: Grows in Desert, killable food and gives 2x XP than Big Mushroom Bush. Animals hurt on touching. Edible from Camel+
  • Fixed: Toucan lava drain fixed. Shows lava in the water bar
  • Fixed: Charging animals wont hit animals that are using ability (fixes dino/warthog hiting diving/flying/diging animals)
  • Fixed: Camel not boosting before the ability cooldown ends
  • Fixed: Tailbite interval fixed inside arena
  • Fixed: Warthog dust wont interact with flying birds
  • Nerf: Nerfed Mango XP. Apex tier cant eat Mangoes anymore
  • Buff: Date/Cactus Pear/Orange give more balanced XP
  • New: Successful tail bites gain water/xp for biter and lose water/xp for victim
  • Misc: Oranges grow only on trees
  • Misc: Apex animals walk through Flytrap
  • Misc: Flytrap spawns Mangoes if 40% grown in size

Apr 17: Anti-Farming Update

  • New: Tailbite interval introduced to encounter team-bites as well as kill farming
  • New: 1v1 now requires 1m XP to be farmed no matter if you come back as an Apex after dying. If you die as 9m Monster, and come back as 4m Dragon you still need 1m XP to enable 1v1 again
  • Fixed: Fireball or outside objects wont interact with players inside 1v1 arena

Apr 15: Desert Update(BATCH#3)

  • BATCH #3: Released 3rd batch of Desert Items

  • New Food: Dates, Oranges and Cactus Pears
  • New Quicksand: Non-desert animals walk extremely slow in it and drain water faster. Desert animals do not drain water but walk slow.
  • New Map: Now Desert biome covers all the way to map width at the bottom.
  • Nerf: Non-desert animals drain water 2x faster than they do on land
  • Buff: Camel drains water extremely slow
  • Buff: Camel and all Apex animals are immune to Quicksand
  • Fix: Eagle can only grab other Eagles. Cant grab if the victim Eagle is using abiltiy. Shows claws when animal is in calw.
  • Fix: Hyena laugh shows "Hehehe" when moving
  • Fix: More bug fixes

Apr 14: Desert Update(BATCH#2)

  • BATCH #2: Releasing 2nd batch of 7-10 tier animals for Desert Biome

  • New animals: Camel, Warthog, Hyena, Rattle Snake & Gobi Bear
  • Nerf: Flytrap cant grab newly spawning animals
  • Nerf: New players wont spawn on Flytrap

Apr 13: Desert Fixes(BATCH#1)

  • Fixed: Ability/Water collision bug
  • Fixed: Desert biome color in animal choice menu

Apr 13: Desert Fixes(BATCH#1)

  • Fixed: Fennec Fox bug
  • Fixed: Gazelle couldnt be bitten if jumping high
  • Fixed: Meerkat digging under waters
  • Flytrap: Following animals can damage Flytrap with their abilities:
    Donkey, Zebra, Orca, Croc, Whale, Elephant, Trex, Griaffe, Camel, Cassowary, Bears, Tigers, Eagle, Falcon, Pig, Gorilla, Hyena, Woodpecker, Kraken, King Crab, Dino Monster, Sea Monster, Land Monster
  • Buff: Eating Flytrap gives goooood XP (higher the tier more XP)
  • Buff: Eating Mango gives goooood XP (higher the tier more XP)
  • Misc: Fixed Desert animals max size

Apr 13: Desert Fixes(BATCH#1)

  • Chipmunk: Cooldown changed from 4s to 22s (matching Rabbit)
  • Meerkat: Cooldown changed from 12s to 22s (matching to Mole). Can't dig on mud/ice/water. Digging will end if you walk on them. Walks at normal speed on mud created by other Meerkats.
  • Armadillo: Cooldown changed from 6s to 10s. Can damage +3 tiers predators and knockback. Stuns itself if hits +5 tier predators animals. Knockbacks predators if less than +5 tier.
  • Gazelle: Cooldown changed from 8s to 10s (matching Deer). Birds can hit if its jumping high. Ground animals can hurt/tailbite if its on the ground during ability. Flytrap can no longer grab when jumping into air.
  • Woodpecker/Pig: Cooldown changed from 5s to 10s (matching Armadillo)

Apr 12: Desert Update(BATCH#1)

  • BATCH #1: Releasing first batch of 1-6 tier animals for Desert Biome

  • New animals: Kangaroo Rat, Desert Chipmunk, Armadillo, Meerkat, Gazelle and Fenec Fox
  • Flytrap: Spawns as a tiny plant and grows over time. Smaller plant cant kill lower tiers but when it is bigger than 3-tier or less I can kill them. Becomes killable after reaching 60% growth.
  • Nerf: Flytrap spawning, less plants now.
  • Buff: Certain abilities can kill plant's mouth (like hipo/lion roar etc, try out yourself)
  • Misc: Killing it wont give much XP (will make it so) atm testing respawing after getting killed.

Apr 11 : Balancing update

  • Nerf: Flamingo can't pull animals diving above Toucan tier.
  • Buff: Flamingo can fly from ocean hills only
  • Nerf: Flytrap spawning reduced on land
  • Nerf: Flytrap cant bite Dragon or higher
  • Misc: Bushes given desert coloring
  • Misc: Random Carcass spawn in desert without nick
  • Misc: Animals cant drink own sweat for 5s of spiting it
  • Blackwidow: spider throws web farther if it spins longer, also gains more view range (zoom out). Can go 20% away from the web. Web gets 95% transparent. Web is only visible to other spiders. String is only visible to the spider who spun the web.

Apr 10 :

  • Nerf: Cassowary nerfed again. 12s cooldown, 4s bite delay after using ability, slower in mud, water puddles and ocean.
  • Buff: Ostrich buffed against Cassowry, faster on land, mud, waters. Gains speed boost if boosting for more than 3s.
  • Buff: Rhino damage buffed aginst prey/predator. More knockback and stun (similar to cassowary). Also gains 20% speed if boosts for more than 3s.
  • New Carnivore Plant
  • Venus Flytrap plant: Grabs animals tier-3 or less and suffocate to death. Gives big bite to higher tiers, can grab animals if low in health.
  • New Food: Mango
  • Mangoes spawn near the mouth of Flytrap. Give good amount of XP
  • More buffs/nerfs coming for testing. Give us your feedback about Cassowary, Ostrich and Rhino.

April 5 :

  • New: Integrated all Desert work with LIVE mope
  • New: Some non-desert animals will have changes visible like 1-tier run if get hurt
  • New: Testing 50% increase in map size. Its not final yet. Bigger map contains a lot more objects than the smaller one. Consumes CPU and could result in delay in data processing, display and overall game-play. Keep an eye on the progress at your end. Let us know on Youtube Community how it affects yoru gameplay.
  • Next: A long list of balancing will be covered during the course of few days

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