June 23: New Pufferfish

  • Pufferfish: Got a new reskin of Pufferfish. A little bit more spiky and fun to play with. Reworked ability, shoots water when deflates. The water drops can stun animals if they hit very close, dont stun if animals are too far from puffer. There are two more variants, which will be slightly more rare and more dangerous.
  • FIXED: Eagle flying again when intend to land

June 18: Bug Fixes

  • NERF: Trex shaking damage removed. Damage occurs on first grab and then on bleeding
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving ocean animals
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving animals if they are diving for more than 2s
  • NERF: Golden Eagle rarity increased by 33%
  • NERF: Komodo Dragon's sweat duration/seat amount reduced by 20%
  • NERF: Flytrap's bite damage reduced by 20%
  • BUFF: King Crab's speed outside ocean increased to 10%
  • BUFF: Ice Monster's crystal growth/speed increased
  • FIXED: Pelican water bomb not hiting victims
  • FIXED: Pelican self hit from own water bomb
  • FIXED: Black Widow web teleport catching animals when spider is too far or was stunned
  • FIXED: Komodo Dragon teleport grab bug
  • FIXED: Black Dragon not healing in 1v1 arena
  • FIXED: Toucans not getting hurt in Desert biome (only lava toucan is allowed to not hurt)
  • FIXED: Objects going underneath Trees
  • FIXED: Melons not getting watered
  • FIXED: Killable food pushing animals out of hiding holes
  • FIXED: Bot spawning
  • FIXED: anti-teaming 0xp-bite
  • FIXED: Aniamls getting hit by bees while diving
  • NEW: Inside Arena, opponents go semi transparent so they can see through each other when fighting

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