May 24: #KingOfMope Update

  • - New King Dragon: Rare species of black dragon. Obtainable by killing all apex animals (unique kills) as black dragon or by luck (1/1000). You can check your apex kills on the apex kill interface by pressing 'S' as black dragon.
  • - The king dragon has a flamethrower and tail slap ability. Use the tail slap ability by pressing 'S'.
  • - The king dragon can instantly kill all players up to tier 10.
  • - New: Killing another black dragon will give you its apex kills.

1v1 Arena Changes

  • - New: Arenas now have multiple rounds. Apex and monster tier animals have one round (sudden death) and black dragons have best of five rounds. BD vs BD has 3 rounds (first to win 2 is the winner) | BD vs KD has 5 rounds (first to win 3 is the winner)


    New Lion Species:

  • - New: Lion skin has been updated and now has new rare variants. All lions are immune to desert heat. ( )
  • -- New: There are three main animals for lion. The lion, lioness, and lion cub. Each one has a white and black variant. The lion has an exclusive black-maned variant.
  • - Lion: Has a 800/1000 rarity. Roar for lion has been buffed up to 20% more range and more damage. The lion has a white/black variant (white: 5/1000, has a 5% larger roar, 10% faster on land, and has a 5% smaller boost interval | black: 1/1000, has a 5% larger roar, 10% faster on hills/rocks, 10% quicker cooldown, 10% slower boost interval, and has more health than white lion). Black-Maned Lion: Has a 14/1000 rarity. It has the largest size in terms of body and roar amongst all other lions. It is 20% larger and has a 15% larger roar than all other lions. Roar cooldown is 15% slower, zoom is 5% larger, and it is 50% faster in mud/water/beach. (Slow in ocean)
  • - Lioness: Has a 120/1000 rarity. Standing still or moving slowly will allow you to camouflage. The lioness has a white/black variant (white: 5 in 120 of 1000, black: 1 in 120 of 1000). Roar distance for lioness is 25% smaller and it is 10% faster everywhere than lion. The lioness has lower health than lions.
  • - Lion Cub: Has a 60/1000 rarity. It is the smallest of all lions . The lion cub has a white/black variant (white: 5 in 60 of 1000, black: 1 in 60 of 1000). Lion cubs have the smallest roar and the quickest cooldown. They are 10% quicker on land, have less health than lioness, and walk normal speed in mud. They inflict 40% damage to prey, are super slow in water, and can hide in small hiding holes.
  • - White Lions: Can walk on hills and trees.
  • - Black Lions: Can walk on hills, trees, and rocks.


  • - Rhino skin has been updated and now has a rare variant.
  • - White Rhino: Has a 1/1000 rarity. The white rhino charges 20% faster and inflicts damage to predators upon collision. It deals 50% more damage to predators.

Big Cats

  • - New: Cheetah variants and snowy leopard skins have been updated. ()

Phoenix/Land Monster Buff

  • - New: Phoenix and land monsters can now shoot fireballs by pressing the 'S' key.


  • - Buff: T-Rex Can now grab animals diving under water.
  • - Balance: Fire from same tier now doesn't burn you. For example, dragons can't burn other dragons with fire. Black dragons can't burn other black dragons with fire. However, fire can damage opposing apex animals still.

Tier Changes:

  • - Lion promoted to tier 11
  • - Tiger demoted to tier 10
  • - Cobra demoted to tier 9
  • - Macaw demoted to tier 7
  • - Owl promoted to tier 8
  • - Toucan promoted to tier 9
  • - Pelican promoted to tier 10

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