Oct 12: Game Modes Update

  • Team Mode and Wild Mope are back till 18 Oct, 2019 11:59p Pacific Time
  • We will be monitoring traffic on these game modes, we must get 20% player base playing these two game mdoes. If we are short of it, we will take them down forever!
  • If we pass that 20% milestone, then we will integrate all game modes into Modern Mope and release as soon as they are bug free

Oct 12: Bug fixes

  • New: Upgrade Hoykeys. Each upgrade options shows a unique hotkey at bottom left corner for Desktop users. Press relevant key on your keyboard to choose that option
  • Fixed: removed anti-teaming bite timer. Subsequent tail-bites xp gain restored.
  • Fixed: Ostrich stops laying eggs if eggs are eaten
  • Fixed: Objects thrown by Toucan/Gorilla do stun/damge to prey including Melons, Coconuts etc

Sep 15: New Deers

  • New: Deer/Reindeer got reskined and come with new species as well
  • Doe: 40/300, 15% small in size, climbs hills, 10% faster in mud.
  • Marsh: 10/300, 20% bigger in size, climbs hill/rocks, swims longer and faster. Digs more food
  • Musk Deer: 1/300. 15% big in size, climbs rocks/hills, fast on muds, has more ice grip, short boost interval thus runs fast anywhere
  • New: Animal Field Of View (FOV), enables animal to see through nearby Trees that are in front of the player. Higher the tier deeper the view. FOV is not available for Black Dragon and NPC
  • Fixed: #BigGoat not appearing in selection menu
  • Nerf: #Jackass rarity increased now 3/700 since its a bit OP
  • Nerf: Animals no longer become transparent if underneath a Tree
  • Misc: Forest land is given darker tone than the Grassland
  • Fixed: Forest Tree image size reduced to fix lag. around 70 Trees spawn in Forest, none spawns food for now.

Sep 9: Tree update

  • Fixed: Tree climbing using 'S' is more responsive. Go near the trunk and press S to climb/descend
  • Fixed: Toucan throws Fruits if flew from a Tree
  • Nerf: Small trees dont give fall damage
  • Buff: Animals descending from by pressing 'S' dont get fall damage
  • New: Falling from a tree shows screen massage
  • New: More tree climbers: Big Cats including Snow Leopard, Lioness, all foxes
  • New: Forest is reduced to 16% of Grassland biome, spawns at 1 of the 4 cornes. Now shows on Mini map. Also shows the boundary of forest on land
  • New: When going in Forest, all animal size reduces to 20%, good for fat animals so they can easily move through trees

Sep 6: Tree update

  • Misc: Auto climb/descend on/from tree is disabled. Now to climb Tree you must press 'S' near trunk. However you can desend from Tree from anywhere by pressing 'S'.
  • Nerf: Falling from a tree gives 1 health damage. Falling from big tree gives 1.5 health damage
  • Nerf: Animals no longer throw water if under a tree

Sep 5: Amazon Forest update

  • New: Trees have been upgraded, reskined and revamped. Now act like a fore biome naming it in the name of the great Amazon Rain Forest
  • New: Animals on Tree can't come in contact with animals under the tree
  • New: Animals under the tree can see through the tree's crown which they are underneath
  • New: Animals on tree can't see what is underneath
  • New: Animals on tree are immune to abilities and fireballs
  • New: Flying birds can land/fly on/from trees
  • New: Animals like Gorilla, Fox, Wolverine, Bears and Foxes can climb trees when they come in contact with the Trunk. However if a tree is too small or an animal is too big cant climb smaller trees (find the big ones)
  • New: Lakes spawn more trees around them
  • New: Trees give more zoomed area based on how big it is. There is 1 super tall tree on map which gives super zoom
  • Misc: Only Black Dragon tier can fly above Trees
  • Misc: Feel free to give your feedback on Trees, they are just give-a-try feature. If you guys like it, we will add along with #GoldenAge!

Sep 5: Balancing and fixes

  • Nerf: Pterodactyl loses 2x Energy when flying and 20% slower outside desert
  • Nerf: Pterodactyl loses Energy very fast if crosses bottom river
  • Buff: Animals dropped by Pterodactyl can climb hills/rocks and become immune to Quicksand for 5s
  • Buff: On finishing disguise Macaw creates a SQUAWK sound that stuns preys for 3s and predators for 1.5s
  • Buff: All poison animals are immune to poisons including Snakes/Spiders/Komodo
  • Fixed: Mud diving animals couldn't dive through hills/rocks
  • Misc: hill/rock climbers if diving underneath rock/hill can't climb for 1s after dive ends

30 Aug: Giraffe buffs

  • New: Giraffe's ability reworked based on community suggestion.
  • Buff: Deals 0.2 damage to prey on every stomp (max 4), and 0.4 damage with hard push upon final double stomp. Each stomp causes 2.0s stun to prey and 1.0s to predator.
  • Buff: Deals 0.4 damage to predator with hard push upon final double stomp only.

27 Aug: Donkey buffs

  • Buff: All donkey's damage buffed
  • Buff: Rare Markhor/Donkey health buffed
  • #Jackass: has bigger kick range, does more damage, and has 4 extra health.
  • Buff: Big Goat is now 5/500
  • Buff: Jackass is now 10/700, whilst the rare donkey is 290/700

26 Aug: Jackass Update

  • Donkey: got reskin. More Donkey like looks along with new kicking animation.
  • #Jackass: mad Donkey comes with 1/700 rarity, 20% bigger, does more damage 2.5x damage to all, pushes farther, stuns longer and has more health. Comes with an additional passive abiltiy. Keep boost button pressed and mouse clsoe for 10s to active madness. When Jackass is spritning madly any animal that touches it gets stunned for 2s and gets slightly pushed away. During mad sprinting it drains water quicker and wont drink water. Move mouse far away to boost normally.

26 Aug: Bug fixes

  • Fixed: wrong biome damage was not properly executing
  • Fixed: wrong biome damage happens after staying 15s in the biome
  • Fixed: Eagle's double dive
  • Fixed: Pterodactyl's dive ghost bug (needs more testing, report the steps if you can reproduce it)
  • Fixed: Apex animals pass through same tier only for easier 1v1 fights
  • Fixed: watermelon/food/water not spawing
  • Fixed: Pak Toucan is immune to lava lake fireballs/fire
  • Fixed: Dragon fire not hurting Apex animals
  • Fixed: Arctic animals not hurt in desert
  • Fixed: Mammoth/Yeti ability damage
  • Fixed: Markhor's dive bubbles showing on hills if diving underneath a hill
  • Nerf: Elephant can't go to desert
  • Nerf: Cactus health reduced

17 August: Markhor Update

  • New: New horns for #BigGoat
  • New: New animal rarity. Now Markhor is a rare animal choice. Markhor rarity is 100/250 and #BigGoat's rarity is 10/250.

14 August: Markhor Update

  • Markhor: new 12th tier Arctic animal. Jumps through hills and rocks. Rams in preys to toss them in air and cause bleeding. Can live outside Arctic.
  • #TheBigGoat: rare Markhor comes with 10/100 rarity. 15% bigger, jumps 50% farther from hills, causes 25% more damage with 25% more power. Can hit upto Dragon tier. Also survives in Desert.
  • Fixed: Falcon zoomout glitch

July 31: Fixes & Pig Update

  • The Pig: got reskined. A bit rare 49/250 (which will change once goes live) More natural looking animal. 10% bigger than Classic Pig
  • Stinky: a rare variant comes with 1/250 and 20% bigger than Classic Pig. Can dive in muds, fart anywhere, the powerful stink spreads more and gives more damage to all. If you see him, you gota move out of his way.
  • Fixed: Rare Pigs not showing in upgrade menu
  • Fixed: Mammoth snowballs not hitting prey
  • Buff: Aqua Yeti snowballs can statue predators
  • Buff: The Yeti rare snowballs can statue prey (for 1.5s)
  • Buff: All rare species of animals got health buff

July 31: Fixes

  • Buff: On Roaring, Yetis give more damage. Aqua Yeti gives double damage
  • Nerf: Classic Yeti has 2 front fireballs, rare Yetis have 5 fireballs
  • Buff: All Yetis are faster on land and more fast on hills. The Yeti got 10% ice speed buff.
  • New: Phoenix ability got reworked. Now holding 'W' shows Target circle, hitting a target will lock it and spawn Firetornado. Tornado will chase the target and start shooting fireballs at 2s interval (report bugs if any).
  • Buff: Fire Tornado speed increased by 40%
  • Nerf: Animals dropped by Ptero/Eagle on Flytrap become immunte to flytrap attackf or 5s
  • New: Abilities can kill Flytrap. Upon dying, it takes 20-30s to grow a new mouth
  • New: Eating flytrap gives good amount of XP

July 28: The Yeti Update

  • The Yeti: got reskined. A bit rare 95/600 (which will change once Golden Yeti is out) More natural looking animal. 10% bigger than Classic Yeti
  • Aqua Yeti: A rare variant comes with 5/600 and 20% bigger than Classic Yeti. It can climb rocks. His snowballs can make prey 'Ice Statue'. The Ice Statue become motionless for 3+ seconds and freeze effect lasts for one extra second. So beware of him if near you.

July 26: New Croc

  • New: Croc reskined (more species are coming)
  • New: Croc's tail grows upto 30% the size with XP closing to next level
  • Buff: Croc, Hippo and Boa Constrictor can dive in Muds
  • Buff: Healing stones touching to hiding holes make holes give unlimted water and xp
  • Buff: Healing stones touching to trees make them grow xp-rich fruits
  • Buff: Crabs, Pelican/Flamingo, Turtle all can go on land with burning
  • Buff: Ostrich, Elephant, Giraffe, Trex, Dino can go to desert
  • Buff: Beach gives water much like mud
  • Nerf: Artict animals that can live outside arctic can no longer go to Desert (they take worng biome damage)
  • Nerf: NPC require 2-shots from Ele to be killed
  • Fixed: Kraken's 1v1 target circle sucking objects
  • Fixed: Dino/Bison raming to Ostrich/Pelican/Ptero
  • Fixed: Blackwidow web bug that lives when the spider's ability ends abruptly

July 19: New Pufferfish Species

  • Yellow Puffer: Comes with 1/6th chance compared to Normal. A few Water droplets from Puffer water blow give stun and slight damage to preys.
  • Purple Puffer: Super rare variant with extra scary looks and gameplay also known as "#DemonFish". Water blow gives stun/damage to prey/predators, biting it poisons and inflicts damage/stun. However if a predator eats it they get poisoned and get bleed damage over time. So when you see it simply do not mess with it.

July 18: Balancing and Bug fixes

  • Buff: If animals are on Rocks/Hills/Trees found on beach wont slowdown
  • Buff: Ocean animals are immune to beach slow effect
  • Buff: Winners get kill XP if the opponents leave/die
  • Buff: Ele's 1-shot kill to Big Bush is back, killing foods which have health below 10 in one shot. It can also kill Cacti and other foods in 3 shots 10+ health
  • Buff: Ele's can 1-shot kill all NPC animals
  • FIXED: When players accept 1v1 invites they still experience some effects like flying/poison/bleeding
  • FIXED: Toucan wings glitch when grabbed by Eagle
  • FIXED: Diving under lake islands
  • FIXED: Fireballs pushing invincible players
  • FIXED: Food spwaning across lava lakes/berry bushes/waterspots
  • FIXED: Lava Toucan unable to dive in water

June 18: Bug Fixes

  • NERF: Trex shaking damage removed. Damage occurs on first grab and then on bleeding
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving ocean animals
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving animals if they are diving for more than 2s
  • NERF: Golden Eagle rarity increased by 33%
  • NERF: Komodo Dragon's sweat duration/seat amount reduced by 20%
  • NERF: Flytrap's bite damage reduced by 20%
  • BUFF: King Crab's speed outside ocean increased to 10%
  • BUFF: Ice Monster's crystal growth/speed increased
  • FIXED: Pelican water bomb not hiting victims
  • FIXED: Pelican self hit from own water bomb
  • FIXED: Black Widow web teleport catching animals when spider is too far or was stunned
  • FIXED: Komodo Dragon teleport grab bug
  • FIXED: Black Dragon not healing in 1v1 arena
  • FIXED: Toucans not getting hurt in Desert biome (only lava toucan is allowed to not hurt)
  • FIXED: Objects going underneath Trees
  • FIXED: Melons not getting watered
  • FIXED: Killable food pushing animals out of hiding holes
  • FIXED: Bot spawning
  • FIXED: anti-teaming 0xp-bite
  • FIXED: Aniamls getting hit by bees while diving
  • NEW: Inside Arena, opponents go semi transparent so they can see through each other when fighting